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How to get

For miners, it is necessary to immediately switch to the mining pool that has been completed and update mining software.

The following takes the NVIDIA 1060 graphics card as an example to introduce how to mine.

  • Install graphics card driver and CUDA Toolkit Download
Monero mining tutorial

After clicking on the red circle, click DOWNLOAD to download CUDA9.

"Next", you can complete the installation. It is recommended to use the driver comes with the CUDA9 installation package.

Download mining software:

  • NVIDIA graphics card: xmrig/xmrig-nvidia
Monero mining tutorial

XMRIG only supports the mining after the hard fork after version 2.5. Be sure to make sure not to download the wrong version.

According to your CUDA version, select the corresponding mining software version, usually we choose the version of the red box.

After downloading and decompressing the mining tool, there are three files:

Monero mining tutorial

Considering most readers in China, this time we use domestic fish pond mining.

Modify the content content of the config file as follows:

{{ "Algo": "Cryptonight", "background": False, "colors": true, "donate-level": 0, "Log-FILE": null, "Print-Time": 60, "Retries": 5, "Retry-PAUSE": 5, "syslog": false, "Threads": NULL, "pools": [[ {{ "url": "",, "user": "your_wallet.Worker", "PASS": "X", "Keepalive": true, "nicehash": false, false, "variant": -1 } ],,, "API": {{ "Port": 0, "Access-Token": null, "worker-id": null } }

Note the place to be modified in two places:

  • YOUR_WALLET: Your Wallet Address
  • Worker: The name of your mining machine can be taken at will to distinguish multiple mining machines under a address

After the modification is completed, double -click Start to start mining.

If everything goes smoothly, you will see the green Accept of ACCEPT, every time, the mining tool will also output computing power and graphics temperature. Press the H key to output the current computing power immediately, and press E key to output information such as the power consumption, temperature, fan speed of the current graphics card immediately.

Monero mining tutorial

Enter the mining pool: F2Pool -Bitcoin mining pool, Litecoin, Ethereum mining pool

Monero mining tutorial

Click the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, select XMR, enter the wallet address, click to view, you can see the work and income of the mining machine.

Monero mining tutorial

The mining machine needs to work for a period of time, and the mining pool will show a more accurate computing power value. Generally, it takes 15 minutes to 1 hour. After 24 hours of continuous work, the computing power display of the mining pool should not be much different from the machine.