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Monero, the largest anonymous coin. The original ring -shaped signature technology is anonymous. At present, Bitcoin has been replaced and has become the king of dark network payment. And has good computing power decentralization characteristics, it is resistant to traditional mining machines, and is friendly to graphics cards and CPU mining. And the project does not have any pre -mining, which is fair. It is more secure to use POW consensus. The community is relatively stable as a whole, and the frequency of activity and code submission is good. It is because the problems of the development orientation have suffered a hard fork. Essence If you want to say risks, that is, the currency circle is now developing in compliance. Due to the special attributes of anonymous coins, there is a certain risk of being removed by the exchange, which is a great hidden safety hazard. Viewpoint: Generally, XMR has good use value, has strong community consensus, and the roadmap is realized as scheduled if the development is developed. We ushered in a certain amount of rise, which is a more worthy currency.